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  • From code to compassion: how to use Nonviolent Communication to elevante cybersecurity

    28th Nov, 2023#39

    Join us as Octavian Istrate, a certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer, reveals how empathy can transform cybersecurity conversations. Learn to balance technical expertise with compassionate communication. Perfect for anyone in tech seeking to enhance their conversational skills, this episode is a must-listen for improved connection and understanding in the digital realm. Get ready to elevate your ability to create positive change with NVC!

  • Cybersecurity craves human connection

    21st Nov, 2023#38

    Put your finger on the human pulse of cybersecurity with Maril Vernon, a standout star shaking up the scene. Tune in as she unpacks the power of empathy, true diversity, and her unique journey from social media marketing to top-tier hacking. Discover why human connection is vital for making it in this space - and changing it for the better!

  • Neurohacking: blending science, security, and sound

    13th Nov, 2023#37

    Dive into the empathetic side of cybersecurity with Pete Herzog, a uniquely talented hacker and deep thinker. Co-founder of ISECOM and innovator behind Urvin AI, Mewt, and Invisibles, Pete shares his unique journey from cybersecurity to neurohacking tools. Discover how his work in projects like Hacker Highschool and the development of the OSSTMM blends empathy with technical acumen. Join us for an insightful exploration of Pete's unconventional approach to cybersecurity, where hacking meets neuroscience and music.

  • Cybertrauma: the invisible scars of constant connectivity

    7th Nov, 2023#36

    Dive into the heart of digital well-being with Catherine Knibbs, a cybertrauma expert, as she sheds light on the hidden emotional toll of our online lives. This episode takes you through the unseen impacts of our digital habits on our bodies, relationships, and mental health, and offers insights into cyberbullying and smartphone addiction. Catherine doesn't leave us stranded: she provides helpful advice for creating a healthier, more mindful relationship with technology. Join us for a crucial conversation on navigating the complexities of a hyperconnected world.

  • Where passion meets purpose: exploring security as a universal value

    31st Oct, 2023#35

    In this lively and insightful episode, you get to meet Molly McLain Sterling, the Director of Global Security Culture at Medtronic, CISO Advisor, Top Rated SANS Speaker, Security Evangelist, and Behavioral Science Human Risk Management Leader.

    Discover how her journey through different realms led her to seamlessly blend her love for theater with her belief that security is a universal value everyone deserves, turning this into a program that supports over 100,000 people in 150 countries.

It’s time to talk about Cyber Empathy

There’s more compassion, kindness, and empathy in cybersecurity than you imagine but you rarely hear about it. Let’s change this together!

Meet the people who dedicate their lives to keeping you, your loved ones, and all the things we often take for granted safe – across all technology layers.

Discover how they ensure your rights are protected as you interact with technology and how their actions – rooted in the hacker ethic – keep tech accessible, decentralized, and human.

Now is the time to talk about empathy in cybersecurity because we need the rich, diverse, and kind perspective it offers. When we understand how and why people connect through technology, we elevate our ability to make wiser decisions that benefit everyone.

Thank you for joining us!

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Photography of Andra Zaharia.

Andra Zaharia

I’m a cyber-realist with a over a decade of experience in communication. Since 2015, cybersecurity has been my home.

I jumped at the opportunity to do work that I deeply care about and learn from smart, kind, and generous people. Now I use empathy-driven content to repair the disconnect between people and technology.