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  • Ethical hackers and the legacy of the Hacker Manifesto

    23rd May, 2023#30

    In this captivating episode, we dive into the depths of hacker culture and explore the multifaceted aspects of The Hacker Manifesto with seasoned cybersecurity expert Tom Eston.

    Going beyond the surface, Tom sheds light on the driving forces behind cybersecurity enthusiasts and imparts invaluable insights on ethical hacking and leadership. Join us as we uncover the power of curiosity, the challenges of burnout, the golden age of training, ethical dilemmas, and the delicate balance young hackers must strike in this ever-evolving landscape.

    Tom's experiences and wisdom will leave you with a fresh perspective on cybersecurity and its impact on society. Don't miss this enlightening conversation filled with practical examples and thought-provoking discussions that challenge the status quo.

  • Empathy in cybersecurity is about picking a side

    9th May, 2023#29

    Dive into the intriguing world of ethical hacking with Jenny Radcliffe, The People Hacker, as we discusses the importance of empathy, managing emotions, and developing people skills in this high-stakes field.

    As a social engineer, author, and Infosec Hall of Famer, Jenny shares her unique experiences and insights into protecting against cybercriminals, gaps in the education system, and the role of peers in her own journey. A thrilling conversation you won't want to miss!

  • How to engage the Human OS in cybersecurity with the Heart, Head, and Hands method

    25th Apr, 2023#28

    Discover the secret to making cybersecurity relatable and engaging in this eye-opening podcast episode featuring Advisory CISO and Cybersecurity Strategist, J. Wolfgang Goerlich (“Wolf”).

    Learn how empathy, communication, and powerful storytelling can bridge the gap between technical experts and their audience. Explore the importance of diverse perspectives, interdisciplinary collaboration, and venturing outside the box as we discuss the surprising connections between cybersecurity, art, and even sexuality.

  • Practical empathy is crucial to attracting cybersecurity talent

    11th Apr, 2023#27

    Are you a young writer interested in cybersecurity but feel like every topic has already been explored? In this episode, Joe Pettit, Director at Bora, shares his journey into IT security and how he's now using his expertise to help others break into the industry.

    Discover the importance of diversity in cybersecurity, the difference between hackers and cybercriminals, and the practical impact of empathy in this fast-paced field. Plus, learn how to create meaningful content on exhausted topics and how working in IT security can change your perspective on taking risks and running a business.

  • Cybersecurity is about loving other people

    28th Mar, 2023#26

    To our guest, Anastasios Arampatzis, a Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Specialist and Cybersecurity Content Writer, the ancient Greek heroes and philosophers have much to teach us about helping people secure their digital lives.

    He believes that promoting, teaching, and spreading knowledge about cybersecurity is a massive demonstration of love. Here's the heartfelt story behind this belief.

It’s time to talk about Cyber Empathy

There’s more compassion, kindness, and empathy in cybersecurity than you imagine but you rarely hear about it. Let’s change this together!

Meet the people who dedicate their lives to keeping you, your loved ones, and all the things we often take for granted safe – across all technology layers.

Discover how they ensure your rights are protected as you interact with technology and how their actions – rooted in the hacker ethic – keep tech accessible, decentralized, and human.

Now is the time to talk about empathy in cybersecurity because we need the rich, diverse, and kind perspective it offers. When we understand how and why people connect through technology, we elevate our ability to make wiser decisions that benefit everyone.

Thank you for joining us!

Meet The Hosts

Photography of Andra Zaharia.

Andra Zaharia

I’m a cyber-realist with a over a decade of experience in communication. Since 2015, cybersecurity has been my home.

I jumped at the opportunity to do work that I deeply care about and learn from smart, kind, and generous people. Now I use empathy-driven content to repair the disconnect between people and technology.

Photography of Dave Smyth.

Dave Smyth

I’m a designer and developer with a strong interest in privacy and ethics. I work at Scruples, a collaborative ethical design studio that helps clients make better decisions.

Beyond my work, I spread awareness of privacy and surveillance capitalism issues through my writing and side projects:

  • No To Spy Pixels – a campaign to help people become aware of email tracking pixels and encourage them to take action.

  • Below Radar – a community for freelancers and small business owners who want to reduce their reliance on Facebook, Google and techniques that fuel surveillance capitalism.