Season One

  • Making a positive contribution to cybersecurity

    18th Jan, 2022#10

    Security awareness is no longer enough. Run-of-the-mill programs and training sessions that try to instill good cybersecurity practices in teams and organizations are ineffective and lacking in mechanism that create real change. So what actually works in getting people to care about cybersecurity enough to make it part of their universe? My guest has a couple of great suggestions founded in practice and real-life results.

  • Replacing fear with empathy in cybersecurity communication

    11th Jan, 2022#9

    In the cybersecurity field, communication strategies will only take you as far as your understanding of human nature extends. Discover how the lack of compassion and empathy restricts the ability of cybersecurity and privacy to help people and companies in a meaningful way.

  • How a technology journalist creates empathy

    4th Jan, 2022#8

    It can be wonderful to discover how much you have in common with people who seems incredibly different from you. Great journalists create that type of empathy by telling stories with nuance, depth, and a strong sense of the invisible threads that connect us. This is a conversation about how that happens.

  • Building and Selling Cybersecurity Solutions - with Empathy

    7th Dec, 2021#7

    When you approach it from a kind and ethical place, cybersecurity is a positivity-filled and community-centered industry that functions best when people look out for each other. Here's an alternative to FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) in connecting small business owners' needs to the solutions that truly help them.

  • Empathy in Ethical Hacking

    22nd Nov, 2021#5

    How do you remain empathetic when your job is to act like an attacker and point out issues with security systems?

    With all its military language, cybersecurity can feel very aggressive, but this offensive security specialist shows us it doesn’t have to be.

  • Cybersecurity - a designer’s perspective

    16th Nov, 2021#4

    Design teaches us what a safe experience looks and feels like. It infuses emotion in the most rigid of industries. It helps us visualize abstract notions our brain can't translate into something palpable. That's why designers like Lucian are so important to making cybersecurity more approachable, more comfortable, and even a bit fun!

  • Am I being tracked? Solutions to online user tracking

    9th Nov, 2021#1

    In our first conversations as co-host, Dave and I explore the issue of email tracking and the a-ha! moments it creates when people become aware of it. Dave brings his keen passion for privacy and ethics to help create these moments of clarity and then help others pursue better, safer options.

  • A considerate view to cybersecurity

    2nd Nov, 2021#3

    In a world where technology is highly complex, security can sometimes seem to be lagging behind. This is especially so if you are not an IT guru who understands cybersecurity concepts very well. Meet one of the caring people filling this gap with trustworthy information and empathetic experiences that help others.

  • Why I chose an empathetic approach to cybersecurity

    26th Oct, 2021#2

    Through our conversations for Cyber Empathy, I want to help you see how they use, cultivate, and inspire empathy through their work and contribution to the community.