Cybersecurity is personal.

Keeping technology safe to use would not be possible without the personal involvement of people who pour their knowledge, expertise, and passion into it. They are the ones who see beyond technology. They see you. You can choose to meet them halfway and stay open to what they teach.

Cybersecurity elevates your critical thinking.

Understanding cybersecurity concepts, tools, and methods develops your systems thinking – the ability to solve problems in complex systems. This invaluable skill serves you well in any area of your life.

Cybersecurity needs empathy to reach beyond the echo chamber.

To reach those who need its protection the most, cybersecurity needs people willing to do the hard work of walking a mile in the shoes of people who often have other pressing needs (physical, emotional, financial – or all at once).

Practicing empathy in cybersecurity leads to better decisions for all, not just for a few.

Cybersecurity specialists have the opportunity to contribute to tech-related decisions with widespread impact. They can choose to add empathy to their perseverance when talking to decision-makers about risks and their consequences for other people.

Cybersecurity gives you the reflex to reflect.

When you see how bad actors manipulate technology and use it against you, you learn to slow down before making a decision. You also become better at evaluating risk, which leads to better, more informed choices.

Empathy creates room for diverse perspectives to join forces in cybersecurity.

When you empathize with another person, you can listen with curiosity and an open mind. Industry outsiders can bring in a fresh perspective. Technical leaders can share their expertise with more impact. Anyone can learn and improve, no matter where they are in their journey.

Cybersecurity gives you the tools to do good.

Empathy helps you use them. Imperfect as they may be, cybersecurity provides the means for you to choose a safer, wiser, and more ethical approach in your actions and choices. It also teaches you to protect our rights – and what specifically they are.