50 questions

Cybersecurity creates a space where connection can thrive. 

It’s where ideas click and people from all backgrounds join forces. It’s where technology blends into fascinating scenarios that offer powerful examples for life in it and beyond it. 

Take the three pillars of cybersecurity:

They are inseparable. 

That’s because technology doesn’t exist – nor does it work – in a vacuum. It needs people to conceive it, to build it, to use it, to improve it. And no one can do this without other people. 

When there’s a disconnect between the humans behind them, process and technology break and problems aggravate, sending shock waves through the ecosystem. 

That’s why I created this podcast: to create a space where we can find ways to keep connection(s) from deteriorating, to mend them, to help people see each other from behind the screen. Not just in cybersecurity, but well beyond it as well.   

You can start right now by finding a question from this list that gives you pause. See why it does that. Observe what it helps you surface.  

That’s how we practice empathy and feel its usefulness rather than leave it on the “oh, what a nice concept!” shelf.

Cybersecurity taught me there’s more than one way to protect (a) connection

So I look for broken ones I can help rebuild or heal by highlighting uniquely human traits and experiences. Sometimes it’s other people’s, but sometimes they’re my own. (Yes, I use this list too and I made just as much for myself as I did it for you.)

Did you get your wires crossed with someone recently? Perhaps this list of 50 questions can help you put empathy into action and untangle the situation. 

Remember: experiencing empathy can be a turning point, no matter which side of things you’re on.

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Anca Dumitru, Storyteller:

"This is brilliant! Thank you @AndraZaharia for putting together and sharing this list of questions.🙏"

Tim Savage, Cybersecurity Sales SVP :

"Great resource. Thank you!"

Ana-Maria Porumbăceanu, Tech Marketing Consultant:

"What a cool collector of questions you are, Andra! Thank you for making a list. It's a wonderful and helpful resource."